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Learn how to fly in Queensland with Australia’s most experienced female instructor and her experienced team. We provide lessons & courses on the Gold Coast, from intro day course courses right through to full pilot licence courses and more. We operate in Canungra, Beechmont and Mount Tamborine area of the Gold Coast hinterland in South East Queensland of Australia.

Our team pride themselves on the quality of instruction and our high safety standards. You will not find a school more passionate about flying and passing on their knowledge and skills.

Canungra Sky Sports Flight Training Facility, approved by the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia.

The Facility is supervised and owned by HGFA certified Chief Flight Instructor Lisa Bradley.

We are based in the small, picturesque rural township of Canungra, Gate way to the breath taking Scenic Rim in South East Queensland, Australia. Less than an hours drive south from Brisbane and 45 minutes inland from the famous Gold Coast.

This stunning region offers a world class combination of spectacular flying sites and a high number of flyable days.

We offer both hang gliding and paragliding courses. So depending on what you desire our team will look after you. We offer a relaxed and friendly environment, ensure that all course participants achieve their own individual goals. Our staff will ensure you have an enjoyable and exciting introduction to Hang gliding or Paragliding.  Our team would love to share their passion for free flight with you. Enjoy a fun relaxed atmosphere with experienced instructors who will pass on their knowledge at a personal level. Our Pilot Certificate courses include skills training beyond minimum requirements.

We offer a full range of courses from introductory tandem flights to introductory 2 day course, 9 day Pilot Certificate course, refresher courses as and when required.

Canungra Sky Sports Hang gliding and Paragliding School


Hang Gliding and Paragliding are the way to go for those who are ready to change their lives. For many people, this is not just a sport, but a way of life. Once you become a pilot you will never again go anywhere without considering the potential flying.

Try our introductory two days course, introductory trial tandem flight or complete a 10 day pilot certificate course.

You will progress and learn at your own individual pace, therefore the time it takes to complete the legal requirements for the HGFA supervised pilot certificate  can vary, depending on fitness, age, natural ability and of course the weather.

On completing your Supervised Pilot Certificate course you are qualified to fly solo but this is really just the beginning of your exciting new world. At Canungra Sky Sports we pride ourselves in looking after our students long after course completion. If we are not teaching, you will likely find us on the hill flying recreationally or in competition. Hang gliding and paragliding are sports that offer so much, you never really stop learning. Our students become part of the family and we are always there to offer support, help and advice.

The number one reason most people fly? Because it is amazing fun. This is what you can expect when you take a course with us. We find our students thrive with positive reinforcement. With no compromise on safety, your learning experience will be positive, exciting, great fun and always professional.



This is a very often heard comment. You have taken the first step, now is the time for you to change your life. Spread your wings and discover man's long lost dream. Our team would love to share their passion for free flight with you. Enjoy a fun relaxed atmosphere with experienced instructors who will pass on their knowledge at a personal level.

Canungra Sky Sports offer a full range of courses from introductory tandem flights to introductory 2 day course, 9 day pilot certificate courses, refresher courses and tours.

Canungra Sky Sports full courses are held once a month. Smaller courses are run 7 days a week on demand. Booking are essential.


Hang gliding Course

2 x Day Beginner Hang Gliding Course>

2 x Day Deluxe Introductory Hang gliding Course + Instructional Tandem

10 x Day Restricted Hang Gliding License Course

Hang gliding Refresher Course

Hang Gliding Tandem Instructional Flight

New Zealand Hang gliding Tours

Australia Hang gliding Tours


Paragliding Course

2 x Day Beginner Paragliding Course

2 x Day Deluxe Introductory Paragliding Course + Instructional Tandem

10 x Day Restricted Paragliding License Course

Paragliding Refresher Course

Paragliding Tandem Instructional Flight

New Zealand Paragliding Tours

Australia Paragliding Tours


Please note! 

Canungra Sky Sports course are held from end of April to the start of Nov, in Canungra on the Gold Coast of Australia. When the weather gets to hot and unstable we move our course to Queenstown, New Zealand for mountain flying courses. Courses are run in Queenstown from Start of Nov to end of March.

We run block course dates, We can also tailor course dates on demand.



Quiet Twin Share and Double cabins and caravans accommodation available on site.

Perfect for pilots who don't want to be in Town and prefer a quite location. Landing and ground handling paddock right next to cabins. Linen, kitchen, with all cutlery, plates accessories and BBQ facilities Supplied.

Beautiful swimming & kayaking lake right next to the cabins. 


Rates per night:  

- Twin share cabin: $40- a night p/p.

- Double Cabins / room on your own $80-

- Twin share $35- p/p

- No camping allowed.



Canungra Sky Sports is in south east Queensland only a short drives from the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We are situated in the Gold Coast hinterland, 35 km  west of the Gold Coast and 90 km  south of Brisbane.

Canungra is nestled in the middle of the three major tourist destination, and is the gateway to the Gold Coast hinterlandMount TamborineLamington National ParkO'Reilly's Guesthouse and Binna Burra in great SE QLD. 


Canungra Sky Sports Address: 48 Four Mile Lane, Boyland, QLD 4275

For more information, please feel free to contact us.


Phone: 04572 87200

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