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Paragliding License Course

PG2 License Course

We also run course in Queenstown New Zealand over the summer months. 

The PG2 course is your ticket to flying freedom. At the conclusion of this course you will be certified to fly solo, safely and confidently.  After you have completed all the necessary training and paperwork for the HGFA license, you will obtain your restricted pilots certificate with the knowledge and confidence to fly safely and enjoy the freedom of flight.

What to Expect: This course runs over 9 days. On the first morning you will be joined up to the HGFA as a student member and given a brief outline of the 9 days training course.

You will learn to set up the glider, do your safety checks. Learn to launch and ground handle the paraglider on a gentle slopes close to the ground. Your instructor will show and teach you how to control the paraglider on the ground, launch, flight and landing. You will do multiple training hill flights to build up your mussel memory and skills. Expect about 20 - 30 take offs and landings, focusing initially on take-off and landing skills. Once these skills are acquired we move on to higher flights.  

Once you are confident and have the skills, your instructor will move you onto high glides and soaring flights

Theory: Combined with the flying, elements of theory will be taught. We conduct the theory lessons in a natural environment, discussing things as they occur, on the hill or in the landing paddock. There is also a necessary element of classroom theory. If you have the opportunity we recommend some pre course reading.  

Your training will be split into 5 different phases, 1. The training slopes and hills.  2. Theory 3. Instructional tandem flight. 4.  High glides 5. Soaring Flights

We prefer you to do this course in a block of 9 days, as you learn much faster this way, however if you have a problem getting the time off work you can split the course into stages.

Please note that we all learn at different speeds and you will need to pass all of the HGFA requirements and exams. Show your instructor that you have the skills to fly safely. Some students may need additional days training to complete the restricted license.

After you have completed all the necessary training and paperwork and passed the HGFA exams, you will then obtain your restricted certificate with the knowledge and confidence to fly safely and enjoy the freedom of flight. Your instructor will be available for any further advice after your training if required. Paragliding is a weather dependent sport and conditions can affect the training schedule. Our number one priority is your safety and if weather conditions are not suitable for training, we will postpone to another date.

Canungra Sky Sports will provide the student with all of the required paragliding equipment during these classes, including gliders, harnesses, radios, and helmets. Students should bring sturdy footwear. 

Course:  9 days

Price: $2500- AUD + GST

Extra cost: HGFA student membership fee $22- and Canungra Club student fee $10-

Extra cost 

Site fees and landing fees are extra on top of the course price.


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Please note! 

Canungra Sky Sports course are held from end of April to the end of Nov, in Canungra on the Gold Coast of Australia. When the weather gets to hot and unstable, we move our course to Queenstown, New Zealand for mountain flying courses. Courses are run in Queenstown from Start of Nov to end of March.

We run block course dates, we can also tailor course dates on demand.


2017  9 day PG2 License Course Dates

Canungra - Gold Coast - Australia

 (HGFA PG2  Pilot Course) 9 Day Course


9 days course        July 1st - 9th          *2 Places Available

9 days course       September 2nd - 10th        *3 Places Available 

9 days course       November  1st - 9th        *6 Places Available 



Caravans accommodation available on site.

Perfect for pilots who don't want to be in Town and prefer a quite location. Landing and ground handling paddock right next to cabins. Linen, kitchen, with all cutlery, plates accessories and BBQ facilities Supplied.


Rates per night:  

- Twin share caravan $35- p/p

- Single room caravan $40- p/p

- No camping allowed.


Canungra Sky Sports Address:  48 Four Mile Ln, Boyland QLD 4275

Google maps link:


For more information, please feel free to contact us. email:

Phone: 04572 87200


Canungra Sky Sports Address: 48 Four Mile Lane, Boyland, QLD 4275

For more information, please feel free to contact us. email:

To book please submit the following form, email us on or for more information give us a call.

1st April - 3rd November please phone Lisa on  +61 457287200

( Best time to ring is after 6pm as we will be teaching in the day time)


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