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Tandem Hang Gliding

Introductory Tandem Hang gliding Mountain Flights

Tandem Hang gliding Instructional Flights are conducted in the Canungra, in front of Mount Tamborine area of the Gold Coast hinterland in South East Queensland Australia.

Live the Dream! 

What you really want is to soar like a bird, completely free, wind on your face, spectacular scenery, to break free from the earths grasp. Feel the freedom of free flight today.

Now is your chance!

Come fly with us and experience for yourself the freedom of hang gliding with an experienced HGFA Instructor (FEI). Let us show you why thousands of people have enjoyed this great sport and see the world from a bird’s eye view.

At Canungra Sky Sports we offer you the instructional tandem hang gliding experience of a lifetime, for many people a dream come true.  Picture yourself gracefully gliding above the scenic mountains of the west side of Tamborine mountain, feeling a light breeze on your face whilst you and your instructor soar over the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland of Australia.

No experience is necessary, your instructor will show you how to fly and control the hang glider. You will be exposed to the basics of hang gliding and learn first hand what it is like to soar like an eagle.

Your instructor can tailor your flight to suit you. Your flight will end after 10 to 20 minutes, depending on weather conditions.

We fly tandem year round on scheduled days. All adventure activities have an element of fear, that´s what makes them exciting. Our Instructors are highly skilled professionals licensed from the Hang gliding Federatsion of Australia. They have many years’ experience. We take every precaution to make your flying experience as safe as possible and to give you the best understanding of this great sport.

All passengers/students will complete an Introductory HGFA trainee membership application as well as a release, assumption of risk & warning form.  


Aero Tow Tandems

This hang glider is set up to take off and land on wheels so that no running is required. After you and the hang glider are hooked to a powered aircraft by a towline, the fun begins. As the aircraft pulls the hang glider down the runway, you take to the air with the instructor at the controls. After a few minutes of being attached to the tow line you are high above the Gold Coast hinterland and it’s time to be set free from the tow plane. You are now gliding freely through the sky while taking in the awesome view. About this time, your instructor will let you try your hand at the controls and show you how the glider flys (if desired).

As you approach the ground, your instructor eases the hang glider back onto the runway and rolls to a stop (similar to the landing of a conventional aircraft). The typical flight duration is 10-20 minutes.

If you can’t run or have a disability, unfit, then aero towing tandems are for you. This is a great way to get in the air safely. No experience is necessary. This makes a great gift for a friend or loved one.



Canungra Sky Sports is in south east Qeensland only a short drives from the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We are situated in the Gold Coast hinterland, 35 km  west of the Gold Coast and 90 km  south of Brisbane.

Canungra is nestled in the middle of the three major tourist destination, and is the gateway to the Gold Coast hinterlandMount TamborineLamington National ParkO'Reilly's Guesthouse and Binna Burra

Mt Tamborine and Beachmont are out main sites. The site we fly will depend on the weather conditions at that time.


Hang Gliding Tandem Flight

Price: $300-

Allow: 2 hour

Flight: 10-20 min (depending on weather conditions)

Max weight: 95kg 

Minimum passenger age is 14 years

Extra cost: HGFA student membership fee $11- to be paid on the day before the flight.

Hang gliding has an element of risk, you will need to sign the HGFA wavers and become a student of the HGFA before your instructor takes you flying. Your instructor will help you with this.


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