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We offer paragliding and hang gliding tours in New Zealand and Australia.

Tours are organized year round, when flying conditions are at their best in Australia and New Zealand.

Enjoy a fun relaxed atmosphere with 2 experienced HGFA and NZHGPA instructors, who will take you to some of the most spectacular sites in Australia & New Zealand. We will go where the weather is good for flying.

Pilots of all levels can enjoy this tour, we have an experienced team who will be looking after you and picking the best sites for the day.

Our tour guides are HGFA & NZHGPA instructors, with years of experience at all of the sites we will be taking you to.

Our tours will focus on building skills and cross country flying. Tours include two instructors, all transport. Each tour is limited to 8-10 pilots. Reserve your spot on the tour while spaces are available.

There will be two guides with New Zealand instructor ratings that will help pilots fly safely, higher, further and improve cross country flying skills.

If you don't want to bring your own gear we can arrange gear for you.


Canungra Sky Sports Address: 48 Four Mile Lane, Boyland, QLD 4275

For more information, please feel free to contact us. email:

Phone: 04572 87200

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