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3 top teams in the West Ham World Championship: The leader’s mark

Man has taken a big move forward with a 3-1 victory over West Ham United.

Goals from Paul Pogba, Mason Greenwood, and Marcus Rashford brought an outstanding upstream victory to Man Utd.

Bruno Fernandes

In the poor first half, just three chances were produced against West Ham. In the second half, Bruno Fernandes was added to the field and created 5 opportunities for his teammates to be on the field in the first 28 minutes. The Portuguese star had 8 chances at the end of the match. 

It’s a Fernandes special impact, and it’s what a guy has loved since the former Sporting Lisbon conductor entered Old Trafford in January.

If Fernandes manages to deliver the same impact for Man Utd over the next few years, it deserves to be compared to Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona, Roy Keane and other icons who have driven the Red Devils to glory in the past process.

Harry Maguire

images 2 - 3 top teams in the West Ham World Championship: The leader's mark

Maguire has maintained an outstanding success in recent years

His presence in the defense core, particularly during aerial fights, is crucial especially when he is with Victor Lindelof. The requisite composition of Maguire seems to have extended to the whole squad. 

Through investing a record amount of money on a defenseman to hire Maguire, Red Devils fans expect the former Leicester City hero to build more leverage as a defense supporter. And he’s doing it right now the highlight is a spectacular throw to Marcus Rashford.

Marcus Rashford

Not only does Rashford try to shoot, but he also plays an important part in other goals. His goal was a subtle finish. Before that, if he had been more lucky, he would have made a feat. 

It can be seen that the inspiration of Fernandes and Rashford, and the efficiency of Maguire in the defense, produced an amazing return of the Red Devils.