The history of Paragliding

If you want to know about the history of paragliding, you have probably already looked at the Wikipedia page and we do not have all that much to add.  The key takeaways are:

  • Paragliding is a mature sport
  • Improvements in both equipment and training methods have made it a fairly safe sport
  • You can debate whether or not it is an extreme sport, but it does require a fair level of physical fitness
  • As no motors are involved, it is a green sport
  • It really, really is a lot of fun
  • Most paragliders are social sportspeople, for those who want to go for it, there are national and international competitions


How we teach paragliding

You will find it easier to become a safe pilot, if you have the best in instruction.  We cannot speak for others, but here is the approach we take

  • Our training is built around developing and demonstrating competencies, not numbers of flights or days
  • Our training is conducted at a purpose-built flight training facility, so that we can optimise instruction for your needs
  • Our ground or theory training is built around self-paced online lessons.  You build your competence at your own pace
  • We are here to train you, not to push equipment sales
  • With us, you will probably do more low training hill flight than many others.  We want to perfect your takeoff and landing skills to reduce injuries and to make your high flights just more of the same
  • We teach you what you need to know to be a pilot, not what you need to know to build the test
  • All training high flights are conducted with multiple instructors in radio contact so that you are never alone in the sky


*feel free to ask other instructors, if they do the same things