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Canungra Sky Sports is a blog created by Sebastian Goddard who is a sports lover with a successful paragliding and skydive school in Canungra. In this blog, you will find everything related to Australia’s sports news and reviews of the most famous extreme sports.

Behind Sebastian Goddard’s Story

Sebastian Goddard is the protagonist in this blog inspired by famous sports leaders of our generation. Son of French immigrants, who were also sports stars back in the old French paragliding scene, inspired Sebastian.

Although this man works as a public affairs specialist, that hasn’t stopped him from launching the sky school in Canungra, forming the next paragliding and skydiving generation. This inspires him to write interesting extreme sports reviews in this blog, as well as keeping an eye on trendy sports news with a unique point of view.

Motivational Process

Discipline and motivation in sports are the reasons to keep this blog up and running, as this is for people who inspire us. Sebastian works along with some friends of his skydive school to keep you updated with juicy information to not miss any detail of what’s going on in the sports world.

Extreme sports reviews such as paragliding and skydiving are presented to keep you entertained.

We would love for you to connect with us and provide feedback, whether you want to ask a question or have doubts or suggestions for new article ideas. For whatever reason you’re here, we will be there to attend your inquiries. Let’s evolve together.