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Australia offered to play in the 2020 AFF Cup

The possibility of Australian football playing with Southeast Asia in the AFF Cup is no longer a fantasy when this country’s Football Federation has spoken of the opportunity to play in the AFF Cup.

australiajpg 1vzbeg5q6thh510ydccsiu9ikh - Australia offered to play in the 2020 AFF Cup

As a member of the Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF), the Australian Football Federation is looking forward to participating in the 2020 AFF Cup

Since joining the AFF in 2013, Australia has originally been excluded from attending. The AFF Cup takes the opinion that there is a disparity between the football history of this country and the other football platforms in the area. 

However in the past, Southeast Asian teams have made strides and gained a great deal of success. In the 2019 Asian Cup in the UAE, the 2018 winner of the AFF Cup, Vietnam Tel, reached the quarter-finals, while Thailand also took second place in the eighth round. Meanwhile as winners of the competition, Australia Tel unexpectedly folded in the quarter-finals against the UAE home team.

Realizing that the relationship of power has changed, the Australian Football Federation is seriously expressing its desire to participate in the 2020 AFF Cup in order to have the ability to compete with Southeast Asian teams such as the Philippines or Thailand, particularly while the Australian National Team is in the process of transferring its powers.

“Mr. David Gallop-President of the Australian Football Federation recently spoke about the ability of the nation to compete in the South East Asian arena: “I’m looking back at the AFF Suzuki Cup in the growth of our relationship with South East Asia, where we used to believe we were too strong compared to other teams, we’ve found that a lot of South East Asian teams have improved”

The Sydney Morning Herald announced that a federated dialog was held between Australia and the countries of Southeast Asia. The Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade also firmly supports the concept of the Australian Football Federation. There are some detailed topics under consideration, including the balance of the AFF Cup match schedule with the Australian A-League.