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Exciting motorsport festivals in Australia (Part 1)

Summerats, Australian Capital Territory 

This is a speed nerd heaven at the Summernats Car Street Computer Festival, held in Canberra for four days in January. Described as the ‘Australia ‘s Greatest Horse Party,’ Summernats blends a racing experience with a demonstration of handmade engines. Smell the burning tires at the Burnout Masters and test the power and efficiency of the vehicle at a special car clinic. See art car designers work together on a massive mosaic or protect your ears as you compete in Australia’s loudest car stereo. Don’t skip the Street Machine Awards Show of the Year that introduces new high-end vehicles. On Saturday nights, high-energy entertainment includes jet cars, off-road bikes, colorful performers and fireworks.

Events on Phillip Island, Victoria 

Join a community of speed riders from around the world on the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, just 90 minutes from Melbourne. This is where the fastest, most daring racers ride at the Motorcycle Grand Prix in Australia in October and the Phillip Island Superbike World Cup in February. The L&H 500 race will start in September. Road case of the V8 Supercar. Watch the racers warm up on this 500 km endurance training circuit for the Bathurst 1000. If the circuit is empty, you can visit the racing control tower, stand and circuit, or sign up for a few laps with experienced car drivers.

Formula 1 Grand Prix, Australia, Victoria

tai xuong 2 - Exciting motorsport festivals in Australia (Part 1)

If you’re in Melbourne, don’t forget the Australian Grand Prix, which takes place in Albert Park for four days in March

The sound of luxury Formula 1 race cars is resounding across the city. On this specially designed stretch of track, watch the best racers in the world at speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour. Watch the rivalry between the Australian supercar V8s or watch luxury cars like Ferrari, Porsche and Lotus racing. You should take a tour of the area off the track or take part in side activities, including a music festival and a post-race rock show.