The time for thinking about it is over,  It is time to get your ticket and become a pilot. 

Our 10-day full license course is the easiest and safest way to your ticket to fly.  The course is conducted at our purpose built training facility in the Gold Coast Hinterlands.  This is some of the best and most beautiful flying terrain in Australia.  Our training facility is not a random field, but a carefully sculpted and purpose built flight park.  We have extensive well maintained flat areas where you will initially learn to gear up and launch your glider in light winds.  We have custom modified training hills that are usable in a variety of wind conditions, to maximise your training time.  We have facilities for students to stay onsite, so that you do not waste the start and end of the day.  When you are ready for high flights, we have access to a number of mountain launch sites that take a variety of wind positions.



  • We have a purpose built on-line training course, that you will be expected to complete before you start the course.  We want to spend our time with you teaching the practical skills you need.  
  • We have purpose built facilities for ground training and for training hill flights.  
  • We do more ground training and training hill flights than most schools.  Landing and takeoff are the riskiest areas for new pilots.  We want to perfect your skills in a supervised and environment. 
  • We have some of the best facilities for high flights in the country.
  • We will work with you one-on-one until you feel confident.  We are not pushing large groups to keep to a schedule. 
  • We do not treat you just as a customer, we want to build a life long friendship

        We may not have the hottest pilots, we have the best instructors.

Here are the details you need.
  • Although it is a ten-day course, you should plan to stay for two weeks.  You will soon learn that paragliding is highly dependent on weather. 
  • When the weather is good, we may go hard all day.  When it is bad, we will have a day off.  Some days we may just do an early morning or and afternoon. You can and should call it a day, whenever you feel tired.
  • We will supply all of the gear you need. 
  • You will also (at additional cost) have to join the HGFA, which is the CASA delegate to supervise training in Australia, and the local club, which owns some of the high flying sites.
  • You should bring water bottles, good shoes and sunscreen.  Temperature varies during the day, plan accordingly. 
  • We are happy to discuss special needs, like medical issues, but we are not doctors and your own GP is probably a better source of information. Flying a paraglider has the same medical requirements as holding a license to drive. 
  • The course is paid for in two parts.  The first payment--on our website--covers your participation in the online course and reservation of instructors, material and gear.  The second payment, $2,000 is due the first day of the course.  We accept cash and electronic payments. 
  • We are more than happy to answer any questions.  We prefer you use our contact us form, as we are out flying most of the time. 
  • It is time to do it!