Looking for the Perfect Gift?

Our flying family believes in acquiring memories rather than things.  You can give the perfect gift by getting a gift card for one of our unique flying experiences. 

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to get a gift card

  1. Pick the experience
  2. Each gift cards has several designs you can pick from
  3. Fill in your name, the recipients name and a brief message
  4. If you want us to send the recipient the gift card, fill in the recipients email address.  If you want to present it yourself, leave recipient email blank and we will send it to you.
  5. Within a minute or two, we will send you the gift certificate and a secret code the recipient can use to book the experience for free on our website. 
  6. Just in case you manage to loose the certificate, we will store a copy of the certificate in your my account page, so you can download it again.