Who Is This Course For?

This course is for someone who wants to get a license to hang glide.  Hang gliding requires a very good level of physical fitness.  The course last ten days.  The second day is always a rest day.  Believe us, you will need it.  Hang gliding differs from paragliding,  The equipment is heavier and you have to get it moving quicker.  In the air, you fly faster and are more manoeuvrable.

What will I be doing

You are going to be working very hard.

  • Set up your aircraft
  • Learn how to get the aircraft up to flying speed while under control
  • Simulate takeoffs
  • Relatively small flights off the training hill, and getting back up the hill
  • High flights off big mountains
  • Technical information you need to become a good pilot

You are going to gain friends and have fun.

What will I be learning?

You have to demonstrate that you have the competencies to be a safe pilot to the official standards  before we sign you off.

  • Aircraft assembly, disassembly and safety inspection
  • Proper selection of takeoff conditions
  • Safe and consistent launch
  • Flying your aircraft (this is the fun and fairly easy bit)
  • Landing your aircraft
  • How to deal with emergencies
  • You are going to start the process of developing judgement you need to be a safe, long-term pilot
What If I am not sure about this?

Hang gliding is tremendous fun, but also physically and mentally demanding.

If you have done hang gliding or paragliding before, we suggest you do paragliding first.

If you are not sure, we suggest you start with our two day introduction.

What If I have More Questions?

Everybody has questions.  Rather than try to list all of the answers here, you might want to search in our knowledge base and will probably find the answer there.  If not, drop us a line on the contact us link.

Knowledge is Good

Knowledge is Good

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What can I do with this license?

In a word, fly.

In Australia, the Supervised HG license allows you to fly under supervision (of an instructor, safety officer or duty pilot) and restricts you to some of the easier sites.  As you build up your experience, we can assist you with transition to the intermediate and advanced ratings, which allow flying without direct supervision and flying at more difficult sites.

In terms of flying in other countries, it is complicated.  We have an article in our knowledgebase that summarises some of the requirements that vary by country.

Where do I sign up?

Too easy.  Right at the bottom of this page.