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How terrible is M.U at the beginning of season 2020/21?

Man United was really upset when, in round 4 of Premier League 2020/21, he lost to Tottenham 1-6 in the home. Red Devils’ supporters would be even more disappointed by the embarrassing numbers their pet team has just created this year.

M.U never defended itself so severely in the first three matches in the Premier League period. Only the M.U awarded more than the squad endured in the 1930/31 season (lost 13 goals in the first 3 rounds).

Defeated by Crystal Palace and Tottenham in their two first matches this season, M.U was empty-handed at the Old Trafford. This is the 5th time in M.U ‘s history that 2 consecutive breaks at home open the season. 

The challenge is that M.U. has been causing this sad thing to happen for a long time. M.U lost the first two matches more than 30 years ago (season 1986/87) at Theater of Dreams.

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Maguire frequently makes errors despite possessing a price of £ 80 million

According to figures, in the last 3 matches at the Premier League, M.U has only released a total of 9 shots on goal, well behind Liverpool’s 28. In the Premier League, only West Brom, Sheffield United, Crystal Palace and Newcastle are teams with a lower frequency of intimidation than M.U.

By this point of the season, only 152 throws were made by M.U. players in the front third of the field. Thus, on average, they coordinate with each other just 50.7 times in this critical field.

M.U was renowned for being a squad that always got fines, but now the 11 m outcomes are what haunts them. Indeed, in all 3 matches played in each series, M.U. players have made a penalty area foul, prompting the referee to point to 11 m. As a result, M.U became the 7th team in the history of the Premier League to earn a suspension in three successive rounds.