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For historical reasons, there are two certification schemes for paragliders.  The EN, or European Norm, standards are issued European Committee for Standardization and are implemented by a number of certified testing companies.  The LTF standards (formerly DHV) are issued by German Hang Gliding Association and are implemented by certified testing companies.  In practice, most manufacturers pick testing companies that issue both certifications. Paragliders are certified on a sliding scale (EN A to D, LTF 1 to 3).  All certified gliders must meet airworthiness standards.  The lower ratings (EN A or LTF 1) represent gliders that demonstrate stronger passive safety characteristics.  They recover from abnormal flight conditions quickly and with little or no pilot input.  These characteristics generally involve some performance trade-offs.  Different size gliders are certified for different weight ranges, which is why we ask you about your weight.

There are also airworthiness certifications for helmets, harnesses and recovery systems (reserve parachutes).

All equipment we supply for flying is certified and regularly inspected for safety.   For ground training in high winds, we use speedwings.  The standards for certification for speedwings are still emerging and speedwings are not used for training flights.

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