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I believe we are unique in Australian schools in our approach.  Too often, ground school consists of dull lessons or just going through and filling out a workbook.  We have constructed a complete online learning program.  This program consists of a series of videos you will watch and has periodic quizzes so you can test your knowledge as you go.  Ideally, you will complete all of your theory learning before you start your practical course.

If you sing up to one of our full license courses, you will receive an email with all information on how to access our online course.

In addition, you will have to complete an HGFA workbook and pass a HGFA written test.  After you complete our online course, these will be a breeze.

Some people have additional needs.  English may not be your first language.  You may find some reading and writing skills a challenge.  You may have a fear of written tests.  That is ok and will not stop you from becoming a pilot.  Just let us know about your situation and we will work out a plan to help you.


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