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This is a hard one to answer.  Paragliding and hang gliding are physical sports.  You will have an easier time learning, if you are reasonably fit and especially if you are reasonably flexible.  I am not sure exactly how to answer this question, but the following might help.

  • Paragliding is less demanding than hang gliding, the gear weighs less and you do not have to run as quickly.
  • You will be carrying the gear around.  The paragliding gear weighs about 13 kilos.  The hang gliding gear typically weights about about 30 kilos. You will be carrying it in fields and up hills.
  • When you launch a paraglider, you start with uninflated wing on the ground and get it to fly by moving forward.  The exertion as the wing comes up can take some getting used to.  This is done mainly through your legs and and your core,
  • In light winds, to launch you need to run forward while controlling the glider.  The typical run would be less than 5 meters.

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