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Outstanding sports events in Australia

Thanks to its stunning natural scenery and fascinating history, Australia has always been the perfect destination for many travelers around the world. In addition, the people of this country are often admired for their unique interest in popular sports such as cycling or jogging.

Audi Hamilton Island Race Week

This is the annual boat racing festival that takes place on Hamilton Island in August. Participants will perform and show off their own special style. Meanwhile, the audience watched both admire and appreciate the cool breeze and appreciate the fresh seafood of this coastal area.

Marathon Australian Outback 

Every year, on July 25, in the city of Northern Territory, there will be a running race of thousands of Australian athletes from 6-11 km. 

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Interestingly, entrants may opt to run the full or half of the races as required by the organisers

Besides the chance to test themselves with jogging, amateurs also admire the unique beauty that is a landmark of Australia such as Mount Uluru.

Cape to Cape MTB

Cape to Cape is a race that allows competitors to cross gorgeous beaches or thick forests with huge waterfalls. This is the event that the Australians look forward to most in October, since it is an opportunity to promote the reputation of the citizens of Kangaroo in their country. 

From jogging to sailing, the tournaments that Australia organizes not just events and prizes, but the country also strives to ensure athletes have the ability to immerse themselves in nature from there. Raising awareness of the safety of the environment for both residents and tourists.

With intrinsic warmth and friendliness, anyone coming to Australia would feel happy and at ease. Join these popular sporting competitions to see Australia in a new, entertaining way.

Blackmores Sydney  

Every September, a popular race is held in Sydney with thousands of athletes competing. As a rule, the participants only need to complete a journey of 9 km or 1/2 of a 3.5 km narrow route. The remainder of the time is spent admiring the beautiful scenery of the city, such as the Opera House, the Royal Botanical Garden … This excellent sporting event is also a representative of the will to educate the people of Sydney.