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In paragliding, towing involves the use of a winch or a vehicle to to help you get into the air.

The good news is, you can fly without wind or mountains.  You do have to learn a new set of skills to keep your glider online while you are "on tow" (before you release the tow line.  Some wonderful sites in Australia rely entirely on towing.  All of our towing involves the use of our custom tow winch, Daisy.  In this course, you will earn the towing endorsement, by

  • Learning specialised equipment and techniques used in towing
  • Learning how to communicate with your tow operator.
  • Learning the special techniques used in towing
  • Learning the specific risks in towing and how to manage them
  • Learning appropriate emergency procedures
  • Learning the proper technique for releasing from tow

This course is available to pilots who already hold an appropriate license.


Get Your Wings Back Courses

Let's face it, we all have times in our lives where other priorities trump our need to fly.  This course is designed to help you brush off your skills, get them up to an acceptable level and--just as importantly--rebuild your confidence in flying.  Because these course are tuned to the needs of the particular student, we really cannot tell you exactly how we will approach your needs.  Because of the customisation of the course, all students must discuss the course with the CFI in advance.  We find most experienced pilots, who have been on the couch for a while, need about four days.

One day top up

Some of our new students find they need an extra day or two to build up their skills and to build their confidence.

How about a trip with your family to one of the best flying sites in the world?

We currently offer tours to the Southern Alps region of New Zealand, which also offers the chance to gain your New Zealand license, if you wish.

We have others in the works, so watch this space.

We have a special event planned for 2019.  It is secret women's business. More information coming soon.