Who Is This Course For?

This is the course for someone who wants to go hard and get a license as a paraglider.  This is a nine day course, but you should plan to be here for two weeks, since we can hit the bad weather day.  This is the quickest you can get any flying license in Australia.  It takes commitment, but when you are ready to become a pilot, this is the course for you.

What will I be doing

You are going to be working hard.

Before the course starts you should make substantial progress in the online training materials, preferably finish the course.  If you are trying to do the course and the online training at the same time, it probably will not go well. During the course, we focus on hands on skills

  • Set up your aircraft, until you consistently get it right
  • Get your glider flying above you and under control.  This is called ground handling, until you get it right
  • Simulate takeoffs, until you get it right
  • Relatively small flights off the training hill, until you get it right
  • High flights off big mountains, until you get it right
  • More ground handling, because nobody really gets it right.

You are going to gain friends and have fun.

What will I be learning?

You have to demonstrate that you have the competencies to be a safe pilot to the official standards set before we sign you off.


  • You are going to be learning about your aircraft. how to assemble it, put it to bed and how to check it for safety
  • You are going to learn to get your aircraft up above you and control it.
  • You are going to learn to launch you and your aircraft into the sky (this is not as hard as it sounds)
  • You are going to learn to fly your aircraft through the sky
  • You are going to learn to land (every flight has a landing, but learning to do it well is hard)
  • You are going to learn how to deal with emergencies
  • You are going to start the process of developing judgement you need to be a safe, long-term pilot
What If I am not sure about this?

It is a big commitment, if you are not sure, you might want to try our two day immersion course to help you make up your mind

What If I have More Questions?

Everybody has questions.  Rather than try to list all of the answers here, you might want to search in our knowledge base and will probably find the answer there.  If not, drop us a line on the contact us link.

Knowledge is good

Knowledge is good

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What can I do with this license?

In a word, fly.

In Australia, the PG2 license entitles you to fly under supervision.  That means, you can fly under the oversight of a more senior pilot, like an instructor, a safety officer, or a duty pilot.  When you get a little more experience, you can qualify for your PG3 licenses, that lets you fly without supervision.

In terms of flying in other countries, it is complicated.  We have an article in our knowledgebase that summarises some of the requirements that vary by country.

Where do I sign up?

Too easy.  Right at the bottom of this page.