Two-Day Immersion Course

Who this is for

This course is for the person who is interested in paragliding, but has been sitting on the fence, or whatever.

You are going to get two days of professional instruction to learn the basics. You will get real instruction and will make your own decision as to whether you want to invest the time an money to take a full license course.  Most people who try it go on, so on completion of the course we will send you a coupon for a discount on our full two-week license course.

What will I be doing

You will be working fairly hard.  Paragliding requires a fair level of physical fitness.  Most of our students find the first couple of days especially tiring, because they are using their muscles in ways they are not used to. It does get a little easier as you get better at it.  --Trust us

You will be taking the first steps toward becoming a pilot.  You will:

  • Assemble and pre-flight your aircraft
  • Learn how to get the glider up above you
  • Learn how to control the glider
  • Learn how to launch
  • Learn how to bring the glider back to earth


Do I get to fly

There is a fair chance you will get to fly off our custom training hill.  We will strap a radio to you and your flight will be controlled for your safety by one of our fully qualified instructors.  You will not get far from the ground, but every flight is a good flight.

I want to fly from the big mountains

If you take the full course, you will.  We can also combine the course with our discovery tandem, where you and an instructor will fly off one of our big mountains.


I have More Questions

Everyone has more questions.  If you take a look at our knowledge base, you will probably find them answered there, or can drop us a line with your questions.

We all have questions

We all have questions

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Where Do I sign up?

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